About Pettits of Wallingford

Situated in the market town of Wallingford in Oxfordshire, Pettits was established on 6th March 1856 by Mr William Pettit who came from Newmarket, where his father was a saddle maker.

One of the largest and oldest businesses in Wallingford, the store remained in the Pettit family until 1987 when it was sold to the Rowse family, another local family firm well known for it’s honey production.

William Pettit


Pettits was started on 6th March 1856 by Mr William Pettit, then a young man who came from Newmarket.

Very shortly afterwards he was joined by his brother Thomas and the firm became known as W & T Pettit.


William & Thomas were then joined by their respective son’s Henry and William Holland and also Mr Thomas Clifton, uncle of Mr H Franklin, a long serving member of the firm.


The partnership was joined by Robert H Pettit


Over the course of time various members dropped out until finally Mr Henry Pettit retired in 1932 leaving his son Robert H Pettit as sole proprietor.


Robert H Pettit son Robert A Pettit joined in a new partnership.


Pettits was made a Company


Mr W B Stevens joined, shortly before the death of Mr R H Pettit.

After the deaths of Mr R A Pettit and Mr Stevens, the son and daughter of Mr R A Pettit, Robert S Pettit and Rachel Pettit continued to run the business until 1987.


The company finally left the Pettit family when it was sold to the Rowse family, another local family famed for its honey production.

The present Managing Director is Mr Richard Rowse